If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.


The Hong Kong Ladies Tennis League (HKLTL) is a non-profit making league of tennis players, comprising more than 500 ladies from private/public clubs and groups of independent teams from all over Hong Kong. The league was formed in 1982 with 25 teams playing in 3 divisions and has now grown to more than 50 teams playing in 6 divisions.  

The league draws together ladies of all ages from 18 years minimum to 70 years plus, from a wide cross section of our community and from many nationalities, with a common goal for social yet competitive tennis. For many years we have supported various charities to give purpose to the tennis played.

The HKLTL runs one season, the first half from September to December and the second half from January to April with registration and schedules completed by May before the commencement of the season. Promotions and demotions are made at the end of the season. The first team is automatically promoted while the last team is automatically reassigned, and any additional movement is at the discretion of the committee. New teams may only enter at registration in the appropriate division. The registration period for the season that begins in September extends for 2 weeks in April/May, shortly after the conclusion of the current season. Players may be added to existing teams in the Fall and Spring up until 4 weeks after the commencement of matches for that division.  Matches are played on weekday mornings from 9:30am to approximately 1pm.

The 6 divisions play in various configurations with teams playing each other twice in the season. Currently, the top group Premier consists of ten teams while Divisions 1,2,3,4, and 5 consist of roughly 8-10 teams each. 

The format of play is each team fields two doubles pairs who play two sets against the opposition for a total of 8 sets per match. We award one point for each set. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the season.

A captains meeting is held in September at the beginning of the season. It is also a chance for the teams to raise any issues that have arisen over the previous season.  An annual luncheon is held in May where the divisional winners for the past season receive their awards.

The present HKLTL Committee consists of 15 members: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Scheduler, 2 Registrars, Web coordinator, Social coordinator, Tournament coordinator and six Divisional Representatives.

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