If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.

Captains Guidelines

BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS                                          [Download copy]

  • Check the Team List on the HKLTL website to view the registered players on your team.  Contact your Registrar and/or your Division Representative with any discrepancies. The captain is the only person permitted to make changes to their roster. Playing a non-registered player may result in a loss of points!!

  • Make sure your Division Representative has your correct contact details. Incorrect contact details make it difficult for the opposing captains and your Division Representative to get in contact with you.

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules and make sure your teammates are also
    aware of them.

  • Make sure you have all the necessary papers for home matches including score sheets and the HKLTL booklet.


Home Matches

  • When you have a home match, email the visiting captain at least 3 days prior to your match to make sure they know how to get to your courts. Provide them with parking information such as location and cost. Ask them if they will be staying for lunch. If so, how many and if there are any special dietary restrictions.
  • Inform the visiting team whether or not towels and shower facilities are available.
  • Courts must be available by 9:00 am for warm up.
  • Make sure to provide enough cold drinking water for your guests. Encourage your guests to bring their own refillable water bottle, use water fountain, ice cooler, or picnic thermos to reduce usage of disposable plastic bottles.  Explain the water options available to your guests and agree on how they would like to handle their water requirements for the match.
  • Although you are only required to provide 2 cans of new balls, it is a good idea to bring a spare one, in case balls get lost or become soggy if the courts are damp.
  • Make sure you have your score sheets ready to be filled in before the match starts by completing the player and team names. The division and team of a guest player must be stated on the score sheet.  Please do not use pencils, because it’s very difficult to read on the emailed copies.
  • When the match is over, complete the score sheet and have both captains sign it. The home Captain is responsible for emailing the score sheet to the Division Representative by 5:00pm, and a copy goes to the opponent. The home Captain keeps the original.
  • Always have your HKLTL booklet available in case of problems or disputes.
  • Always remind your teammates to switch off their mobile phones, and place activity trackers and smart watches on silent mode before the match begins.

Away Matches

  • If you have not heard from the home captain in a timely manner, contact her and check on the necessary details such as location of courts, parking arrangements, who is staying for lunch and any special dietary needs.
  • You may want to check if the home team provides towels. If not, inform your teammates to bring their own.
  • Always remind your teammates to switch off their mobile phones, and place activity trackers and smart watches on silent mode before the match begins.


  • New players must be registered before the matchas confirmed by the Registrar.  Players may be added or deleted from your roster from the commencement of the Fall/Spring session until four weeks after the first match of the respective division.
  • The following forms must be submitted online for each new player: Amended Team Registration Form, New Player Questionnaire and a Coach's Assessment.  However, Coach Assessments are not required for new Premier players.
  • A new player must fill out the New Player Questionnaire on the HKLTL website. The form must be filled out accurately and provide a complete representation of their playing history
  • Coach assessments must be completed by an approved coach.  A list of approved coaches for assessments are found on the HKLTL website.  Coaches are very busy; please be mindful of their time, respect their professional judgment, and limit your correspondence with them to assessment logistics.  Assessments are kept confidential and details will not  be provided to the Captains or the players.
  • The Registrar will notify you by email after completion and submission of all registration documents whether a player has been approved or not approved to play on your team. You must have confirmation from the Registrar about any changes to your roster.  If the player is not registered and plays in a match, sets will be forfeited.
  • Captains are responsible for keeping all communications throughout the season regarding their team and registration of new players.
  • Make sure you check the team lists on the HKLTL website to ensure your players are properly registered.  Please obtain the user name and password from the Division Representative to access the team lists online.


  • Guest players, except in the lowest Division, must already be registered as a full-time player in a team in a lower division and must be confirmed as a guest player before the match.
  • Guest players may be added at any time during the season.
  • Captains must register all Guest Players by submitting a Guest Player Registration Form online which can be found on the HKLTL website.
  • A Guest Player for the lowest Division must be registered as a new player. Please refer to 'Registering New Players'.
  • In case of emergency regarding a guest player, please call your Division Representative or Registrar immediately. Follow up with a Guest Player Registration Form. You must have confirmation from your Division Representative or the Registrar before playing a Guest Player in a match.
  • On the day of the match, a guest player must be identified on the score sheet.


  • Captains on behalf of their player may request a regrading to a lower division using a Regrading Request Form (RRF) which can be found under the Registration tab on the HKLTL website.  The player’s written consent must be provided along with valid reasons for the regrading. 
  • The RRF must be accompanied by an independent online assessment in support of the downwards regrading from a Coach on the HKLTL Approved List coach assessment.


  • Both email and WhatsApp (group and individual messaging) are used for various types of Committee and Divisional communication. To ensure the efficient operation of the HKLTL, Captains are required to maintain open communications with Division Representatives and other Committee members on both email and WhatsApp at all times.
  • If the captain is not playing in a match, designate an acting captain from your registered team. The Division Representative and the opposing team captain must be notified of the name and contact information of the acting captain in your absence.
  • Ensure that each registered player on your team is familiar with and adheres to the HKLTL Code of Conduct detailed on our website.
  • Teams playing on public courts are responsible for booking their own courts.
  • When a match needs to be rescheduled, within 48 hours of the match the home team must offer at least three dates over a three week period from the original match date when home courts are available. Dates offered must not all fall within the same week, on a holiday, or during a holiday break. The visiting team captain must respond within 24 hours of receiving dates.  The Division Representative must be copied on all correspondence concerning rescheduled matches.
  • In the case of any complaints, email your Division Representative immediately, so she may take the appropriate action.

Remember: final responsibility lies with the captain.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Division Representative immediately. Do not wait.

Always remind yourself and your teammates we are out there to have fun and enjoy a nice morning of tennis.