If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.

Committee Roles


To provide leadership and ensure the HKLTL Committee functions effectively and efficiently.  This involves:

  • Making sure the appropriate rules and procedures are in place to facilitate the smooth functioning of the league and the Committee.
  • Representing the HKLTL as its figurehead, and being the first point of contact for all communications.
  • Receiving and handling enquiries, suggestions, complaints and in turn communicating news, rule changes, Committee decisions and other important information to the league.
  • Overseeing and coordinating the various functions of the Committee.
  • Chairing Committee and Captains’ meetings to ensure all views are represented and considered.



 To support the Chairwoman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the HKLTL Committee.  This involves:

  • Organising Committee meetings and Captains’ meetings.
  • Compiling discussion items for meetings.
  • Preparing and distributing the Agenda and Minutes of Committee and Captains’ meetings.
  • Following up on action items after meetings to ensure their satisfactory completion.
  • Coordinating the league booklet, revisions and printing.
  • Maintaining user-friendly records of league issues and correspondence in hard and soft copy, so as to ensure transferability and accessibility.


To oversee the finances of the HKLTL. This involves:

  • Maintaining the HKLTL bank account, book keeping and record keeping of registration and other fees.
  • Financial planning and budgeting for events such as meetings, tournaments and the Annual Awards Luncheon.
  • Funding and fund-raising.
  • Maintaining systematic and user-friendly financial records so as to ensure transferability and accessibility.



To manage the registration of teams and admnistration of the divisions.  This involves:

  • Processing team registrations in accordance with the HKLTL Rules and guidelines
  • Maintaining team lists and a player database
  • Liaising with coaches for Coaches Assessments for new players
  • Preparing season-ending result summaries across divisions and scenarios for team movements.
  • Maintaining systematic and user-friendly player and team records, so as to ensure transferability and accessibility.



 To set the schedule of matches for the season.  This involves:

  • Compiling the school calendars for all the major schools in Hong Kong
  • Compiling the public holidays for the year ahead
  • Determining the court limitations of various club and public venues
  • Overlaying these calendars and venue restrictions with the match requirements for every division.
  • Sending the draft schedule out to Captains.
  • Preparing the final schedule for the year ahead.


Division Representatives

To manage all matters pertaining to the respective division.  This involves:

  • Attending all Committee and Captains’ meetings.
  • Communicating with Captains on all league issues.
  • Handling complaints or problems, in conjunction with the Chairwoman
  • Keeping a record of the list of teams in that division, match results, player statistics, and any other items of pertinence.
  • Obtaining weekly match results, checking scores for accuracy, noting guest players and sending out consolidated results on a timely basis.
  • Checking all dates and spellings of Match Schedule for that division.
  • Assisting the Registrar in overseeing annual team registrations for that division.
  • Maintaining systematic and user-friendly records so as to ensure transferability and accessibility. 


Social Coordinator:  

To organize HKLTL’s two major fundraising events: the Annual Awards Luncheon in May and the Christmas tournament in December, as well as providing support for the social aspects of any HKLTL tournament.  This involves:

  • Identifying Hong Kong-based charity organisation(s) to be beneficiaries of the fundraising events.
  • Choosing event venues, and coordinating with venue providers for venue setup.
  • Setting up targets for fundraiser, determining ticket prices in consultation with the Treasurer.
  • Working out SAVE THE DATE notices and registration forms for the events.
  • Finding sponsors and donors for lucky draw prizes.
  • Organising trophies for winners.
  • Organising gifts for attendees.
  • Collecting registrations, payments and donations/gifts from the teams and individuals.
  • Working out event schedules, seating plans, entertainment plans (if any).
  • Playing the leading role in the events including signing up, introducing charity groups, giving prizes and raffles, etc.