If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.

Teams and Divisions Approved as per Committee Meeting on  30th April 2024**

Fall 2024/Spring 2025

Premier (11 Teams):

Dare to Dream (formerly Play Better), DB Gold, Happy Tennis, HLY, Hong Kong Country Club, Joyful, KRC, KRC Pink Panthers, LRC Wildcards, Sparks (formerly Play Better), Sunshine

Division 1 (10 Teams):

American Club (formerly Servivors), CWB Bayside Smashers, DB Ball Blasters (formerly Trailblazers), DB Queens*, HLY-Unstoppable, Hong Kong Country Club, IRC, LRC (formerly Classics), Pacific Club, The Unity A 

Division 2 (11 Teams):

AC Crush, Courtiers (formerly AMC Jumbo), CWB Simply Smashing, Glam Slams, HK Cricket Club, HKFC Happy Hour*, LRC Hotshots, LRC Netchix, Recreio, The Unity B, Tung Chung Tennis Junkies*

Division 3 (9 Teams):

AC Slice Girls, AMC Aces, DB Lioness*, GCYCC Racqueteers, HK Country Club Servivors, HKFC Hustle Queens, QB Tigers, Rainbow, Recreio Play It Forward

Division 4 (12 Teams):

AC Aces (formerly Blabalots), AC Spin*, CWB Black Sheep, Darkside Angels (from Glory), Darkside Glory, DB Net Assets, HKFC Dream Team, Kiss my Ace*, LRC Kicking Aces, LRC Slayzengers, Ninja Divas (formerly Parkview Game Set Lunch), You Got Served

Division 5 (10 Teams):

Baseline Kitties, Dare Doubles*, Darkside Babes (from Dragons), Darkside Dragons, DB Matrix, DB Spin-off (formerly Phoenix), GTA VAMOS (formerly SK Chicas), LRC Ladies*, The Manhattan (formerly Momsters), Smash Girls

* new team

**amended on 3rd May 2024