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HKLTL Guidelines for Movement of Players within the League


All players (and guests) new to the league must submit in writing, when possible, a coach’s note recommending their appropriate division. Players also need to provide a detailed playing history. In the event that minimal information about the new player is available, a tennis assessment may be arranged with some of the committee members.  Players who have or have held WTA ranking will not be allowed to play.  Players who have held other rankings will be considered on an individual basis, and may be prohibited from playing or restricted in the number of matches allowed to play.


Individual players are sometimes, but not always, allowed to drop down one division. Performance and stats within the last division played will be taken into consideration.  A request to drop more than one division will be considered on an individual basis and would require unusual circumstances. If a player is allowed to drop down, a restriction in their number of matches allowed to play may occur. 


Final decisions will be made at the discretion of the committee, and are made with the ultimate goal of fair and balanced play within each division. 

Committee members whose own team or club are involved in a dispute or decision will be allowed to provide input and information, but will not be allowed to vote.